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Welcome To Messmore Elementary

Let us be among the first to welcome you to the Messmore Community. You will soon discover that ‘community’ is a common theme found throughout the school, the Messmore Montessori Association (MMA), and taught throughout the curriculum. Starting at any new school can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. We are here to try and make your beginning experiences as easy as possible.

Just remember – we have all gone through the same process and you will find that the Messmore Community is very supportive.

A Few Quick Tips

Since there are no buses at Messmore, the school’s parking lot can be pretty chaotic. For the safety of everyone, please familiarize yourself with the traffic flow of the parking lot. If grandparents or other caregivers will be dropping off or picking up, please make sure they are familiar with this as well.
Visitor’s access to the school is solely controlled by the office. All visitors must be ‘buzzed’ in through the main door and report to the office prior to participating in any school activity during school hours. After being registered, you must wear a yellow visitor’s pass. There is no flexibility to this rule as it provides a safe environment for our children.

The MMA has multiple committees that organize many activities throughout the school year. These committees are an excellent way to meet other families at Messmore, as well as learn more about the school. Plus, the activities themselves are a lot of fun. We encourage you to sign up for a committee at orientation or email for more information

The MMA organizes several fundraisers throughout the year. Please take note that many of the fundraisers are towards the beginning of the school year, as it helps for budgeting and planning throughout the year.

The pace may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but will not keep up at that level all year long.

Other Families’ Experiences

I had confidence that my daughter would do well, but I was so nervous I would do something incorrectly, forget to fill out a form, etc. What I found was a very welcoming environment and after two years we could not be more thrilled to be a part of Messmore.
Chase Wade , Daughter in First Grade
Messmore is all about teaching independence so you are permitted to walk your children to the interior doors and that’s it. They will find their classroom from there starting on the second day of school.
Megan Simon, Daughters in First and Kindergarten
It’s a great school and has great teachers and staff. It’s like another family 🙂
Laura Michelle, Daughter in Kindergarten