MMA Meeting – September 2015 Minutes

September 17, 2015

Messmore Elementary


Present: Ray Kleinberg, Kozeta Elzhenni, Debra Schoonfield, Chase Wade, Mr. Zott, Mrs. Schultz

Excused: Raja Charabuddi


  1. Call to Order; 6:58PM
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. President’s welcome and introduction of guests. An overview of the meeting’s format was given.
  4. Secretary’s Report: Nothing to Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report: (financial amounts subject to correction)
  6. Account Balance: $19,967.25
  7. Undeposited Funds: $174 from The New Rink
    1. Expenses: $1187 as a deposit for first and second grade T-Shirt Sales
    2. Allocation Request: $595 for Trunk-n-Treat entertainment was previously approved.
    3. To correct our 501(c)(3) status, a fee of $400 must be sent to the IRS.
      1. A motion was made by Kozeta Elzhenni and seconded by Chase Wade to approve the allocation. The motion received unanimous consent.
  8. Principal’s Report:
    1. School Messenger System was used to announce the open house, book fair, and Entertainment Book fundraiser.
    2. Parent/Teacher conferences will be November 10th in the evening and on November 19th in the afternoon and evening. Signups will be offered at the Open House.
    3. Parking Lot issues need to be addressed. The head of the committee is temporarily unavailable.
    4. The lunchroom is running very smoothly, noise levels have decreased.
    5. The beginning of the year is going well. Mr. Zott has been visiting classrooms to discuss the rules, and the message is being received enthusiastically by the kids.
    6. An educational goal this year is to remember the Montessori system roots.
    7. The behavior plan is focused on peace education; speaking and acting peacefully. Monday is National Peace Day which Messmore will celebrate by recreating the Peace Pole with recognition of the 24 countries and 28 languages students represent. A particular focus will be on tolerance and the embracement of differences.
    8. Professional development is aligning the Messmore Montessori curriculum with state and district standards, including documenting the alignment for future assessments.
  9. Committee Chair’s Report:
    1. Entertainment books are in full swing. Kids are excited about the prizes this year. The fundraiser ends on September 29th.
    2. The Trunk-n-Treat event is on October 23rd at 6:00pm. The committee has done extensive work throughout the summer and the event is on target to be a lot of fun.
  10. New Business:
    1. MMA website has been updated and located at: The focus of the site is to be a ‘one stop shop’ for all MMA activities.
    2. An allocation request from Ms. Rymsza for the purpose of purchasing sports and playground equipment was discussed. The school is receiving similar materials from Entertainment as a reward for committing to the fundraiser earlier this year. A vote on the allocation request was tabled for more information.
    3. The scheduled meeting date for the MMA in November was on the 12th. This would present a conflict with a school event. The new meeting date is November 5th.
  11. Faculty Report:
    1. Mrs. Schultz provided an idea for the MMA to support sending teachers to the upcoming American Montessori Conference in Chicago. The proximity of the meeting provides an opportunity to send teachers at a lower cost than normal. A discussion ensued about the benefits of the teachers attending the event and the possible logistics of fundraising and providing support.
  12. Comments from Guests:
    1. A parent, who is also a Montessori teacher herself, highly endorsed the idea of teachers attending the aforementioned conference.
    2. Multiple comments were offered on the value of a Messmore education.
    3. A recommendation for better communication was made regarding the scheduled MMA meetings. Mr. Zott suggested the MMA utilize the school’s reminder system via SMS messages.
  13. Adjournment: 8:06PM


Respectfully submitted by: Chase Wade, Secretary