Minutes from September 2017 Meeting

MMA Meeting Minutes

September 27, 2017
(Pending Acceptance)


Board: Chase Wade, Amanda Hijazi, Kozeta Elzhenni, Megan Simon, Laura Bednarsh

Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: Chase Wade called the meeting to order at 6:04 PM.

Election of Secretary: Motion to elect Amanda Hijazi was made by Megan Simon, seconded by Laura Bednarsh, and passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Kozeta Elzhenni reported the present balance in the account is $22,162.09.  Teachers may submit receipts for reimbursement. Only receipts for the current school year will be accepted.

Principal’s Report: MSTEP results from the fall assessment were sent home. Messmore outperformed the average for UCS and the State of MI. Peace Keepers initiative will become “Peace Makers”, and it will be introduced to students in the coming month.

Committee Report: Megan Simon emailed the chairs of the committees. Staff Appreciation will be the week of May 7. Trunk and Treat will be Friday, October 27. Daddy Daughter Dance will have a “Ties and Tiaras” theme, and will take place at Shelby Gardens on April 28.

Fundraising Report: Direct donations for the Friends of Messmore campaign are over $10,000.

New Business

  • Activities for the school year: Cardboard challenge and science fair will be done every other year. Talent show and end of year party were mentioned. Committees will be formed if these activities have interest.
  • Principal’s fund: April Rourke suggested a fund of $5,000.00. Half will be dispersed now, and half at a later time. Motion was made by Megan Simon and seconded by Kozeta Elzhenni.
  • Teacher reimbursement: Appropriation of $150.00 will be given per classroom.  Motion made by Megan Simon and seconded by Kozeta Elzhenni.
  • Parking lot: There were several concerns about speed, misuse of handicap spaces, and disregard to the stop sign. Mrs. Fiema will contact the district about the addition of a stop sign to be placed across from the existing sign.
  • Meeting dates: Meetings will typically take place on the second Wednesday of each month. Conferences will be held on November 8, so suggestions for an alternate meeting date are welcome.
  • Supplies: Mrs. Grace mentioned the copier is out of ink. MMA allocated $250 for ink and laminate.
  • Kumon donation: Mrs. Nafsu presented MMA with a check for $240. This was given based on the promotion that was offered for newly enrolled Kumon students that attend Messmore Elementary.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, October 11, 2017 at 6 PM


7:04 PM