March, 2015 Minutes

MMA Meeting Minutes

March 23rd, 2015


Meeting – Call to Order 7:05pm


I.         Secretary’s Minutes – Ms. Stengel

a.     Melina Laroca motioned to approve the minutes.

b.     Siola Hashorva seconds.

c.     All in favor – motion passed.


II.         Treasurer’s Report – Ms. Melina Larocca

a.     Balance as of Feb 28th $27,646.20.

b.     A lot of activity in March, current balance $22,548.38 –

i.     Payment out for Daddy Daughter Dance, was previously deposited.

III.         Principal’s Report – Mr. Zott

a.     M-Set testing begins Tues after spring break

i.     5th first 4th 2 weeks after. 3rd and 6th start on May 19th so we need to move the fun run so it does not overlap. This is the MEAP replacement. This year they took away the adaptive testing and it is a straight test against Michigan Education standards.

ii.     Teachers are getting the students use to the program currently so they have familiarity of the test. This will help them during testing so so they are not changing/manipulating the site during testing.

iii.     The test will let the students pause their own test for 20 min. After 20 min it logs them out and they have to log back in with their daily ticket.

iv.     They have a bank of questions to answer and however long it takes them to take the test they have. Currently the mornings are blocked, 3 hours, if any student takes longer and are not in a spot they can be stopped they will have to eat lunch as they complete their test.

v.     Letters will go out with the students.

vi.     5th will be tested on: Math, English language arts, and Social Studies.

vii.     4th will be tested on: Math, ELA, and Science.

viii.     3rd and 6th will be tested on: Math and English language arts.

b.     The talent show was a hit. The theme was Kids Create Change. Kids wrote the entire script and the teachers helped organize. Everyone did a great job.


IV.         Committee Reports – Ms. Siola Hashorva

a.     Fun Run – Ms Melina Larocca is following up with Mrs. Van to see if she is still willing to be a fun co-chair.

b.     Met with chair of Staff Appreciation committee, a new parent. She is currently coming up with a plan. Asked her to come up with an expense plan for board to approve expenses she needs prior to the day. She is going to follow up with the office to set the date. If during the testing it would need to be Thursday or Friday.

c.     Met with 6th grade graduation chair. They made about a $1000.

d.     End of school year party is June 5th.


V.         Continuing Business

a.     Parking Lot Signs

i.     Ms. Jamie Stengel motioned to approve the cost of parking lot signs.

ii.     Ms. Melina Laroca seconds.

iii.     All in favor – motion passed

b.     Lobby Mats – On hold

c.     Science Olympiad

i.     Ms. Jamie Stengel suggested that the board cover the cost of the HomeDepot receipt and T-Shirts but request that they set up a Family Food Night. If the money raised is not enough the MMA will still cover the difference and if it is more the money will be set aside for next year.

ii.     Motion pending follow up with receipts.


VI.         New Business/Activities

a.     Supporting UCS Career Focus Event

i.     6th grade student from all UCS schools attend. UCS Messmore can sponsor a table and send a business person for the table or the district can fill the table. The sponsorship cost is $200 for the organization or individual and covers one representative for one day.

ii.     Ms. Malina Larocca motionsto approve the $200 sponsorship for UCS Career Focus Event.

iii.     Ms. Solia Hashorva seconds.

iv.     All in favor – motion passed.

b.     Media Center iPads.

i.     Mr. Zott would like to purchase iPads and cases to support teaching comuter programming to 3rd through 6thgraders. The robot and supportive software was earned through a grant. All details are esplained in the “Media Center Proposal”. Mr. Zott would like to put the balance of the principal discretionary fund, $2,777.18, toward the proposal request of $4,151.00. This would leave the MMA an allocation request of $1,373.82 to consider.

ii.     Ms. Malina Larocca motioned to approve that additional allocation request of $1,373.82.

iii.     Mr. Raj Charabuddi seconds.

iv.     All in favor – motion passed.

c.     SaveAround Greater Detroit coupon book was mailed to the MMA with follow up emails to see if we would be interested in participating in their program. The board agreed that it would not be a good idea as most of the coupons are not good for our area.


VII.         Open Forum

a.     Ms. Melina Larocca and Ms. Jamie Stengel’s terms are up this year and Ms. Sola Hashorva needs to step down due to her schedule. We need to start recruiting for Treasurer and other term positions. Requested that it is Aprils newsletter and something going home with the students.


VIII.         Adjournment – 8:26