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When: Tuesday, October 27th
Suggested Donation: $25 per child

Donations will help Messmore Elementary support students’ learning by purchasing necessary resources from paper to online subscriptions.

Step One: The “Leg Work”

Gather donations from friends and family members. “Would you be interested in helping me raise money for learning materials for my school, Messmore Elementary?”

Donations can be made online through the PayPal link above, cash, or check. Please make sure the checks are made out to MMA with a memo “Fun Run”

Step Two: Finding the Flair

Plan your flair! Although you should not wear your Halloween custom, you CAN wear Halloween accessories such as socks, ears, headbands, shirts, etc. You might even want to organize a “team” with your friends. In addition, parents are able to participate in this fun activity too. Parents are welcome to raise funds, wear accessories with they child, and join the hustle on October 27th.

Step Three: Run the Halloween Hustle



Grade Level(s)
10:40 – 11:10 Kindergarten & Morning Preschool
12:15 – 12:45 Afternoon Preschool
12:55 – 1:30 1st – 6th Grades

Step Four: The Aftermath!

$25 per student (*Families with more than 2 Messmore students can collect a $50 family donation to qualify for this prize.) You will be excused from class for 30 minutes to experience a:


(An Inflatable Obstacle Course)

$40 per student You will be invited to Messmore’s Silly String Party
$60 or more per student You will be entered into a raffle to win the opportunity to be a SHADOW FOR A DAY. This means you get to pick a staff member to spent the day assisting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email If you are interested in volunteering for a time slot on October 27th, please click here.