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Renee FiemaPrincipal

Kindergarten and Preschool

First and Second Grade

Julie Wilberding
Julie Wilberding
Children are curious and that often leads my lessons in a different direction than I had planned.

I love to tend to my flower garden, sit at the beach and watch the waves roll in, assist my husband with flipping houses, and watch Detroit sports teams.

Third and Fourth Grade

Fifth and Sixth Grade

Melissa Hartlidge
Melissa Hartlidge
I love seeing students have that “ah-ha! I finally understand” moment. I love making learning fun and trying new ways to teach students concepts they have (or haven’t!) seen before. As a teacher, I am so lucky to get to have the awesome job of teaching and helping students to have a love of learning. My students amaze me each and every day!

I love cooking, crafting, and organizing things. I also love spending time with and going on long walks with my puppy, Gracie.

Dimitra Papandreou
Dimitra Papandreou
My favorite part of teaching is that everyday is different and I have the privilege of watching my fifth and sixth graders blossom before my eyes. I especially love the “ooooh” moments on students’ faces when they finally get a concept!

I love curling up with a good book, walking my dog Sophie around the neighborhood, sitting around a bonfire with family and friends on a crisp summer night, and traveling to new places.

Andrea Vedder
Andrea Vedder
The kids are my favorite part!!

Other than teaching I enjoy reading, snow skiing, traveling, my own children, hiking, biking,and my family.


Special Services

Sara Coco
Sara CocoSpecial Education - All Grades
I love watching the kids learn new things. It is very exciting for me to see the “ah ha” moments students get when they finally understand a concept they have been struggling with.

In addition to teaching I like to watch my daughters compete in dance. Spending time at our cottage. Reading. Going to Disney World. Spending time with my family.