April 2015 Minutes

MMA Meeting Minutes

February 9th, 2015

Meeting – Call to Order 7:05pm

I.         Secretary’s Minutes – Ms. Stengel

a.     Post pone until next month.

II.         Treasurer’s Report – Ms. Melina Larocca – not present

a.     Bank account balance as of Jan 31 was $23,287.32.

b.     Staff appreciation is still not chaired, as far as I know. To discus under Committee report.

c.     We need to reschedule the March meeting – no date set.

d.     Mrs. Rymsza has been researching mats for the front lobby and hallway outside the office.  They are more expensive than they first anticipated.  She looked at several companies, and the best prices she could come up with were in the $1,000 – $1,200 range.  She has a spreadsheet with different lengths/widths/type combinations, which was reviewed during the meeting.  We originally approved a $500 allocation for this purpose.

i.     Need new rugs in the lobby due to wear and tear and safety issues;

1.     Companies were researched and the results were discussed – see attached spreadsheet.

2.     Requested that Mrs. Van attend the March meeting to discuss the two options and see if we can get samples.

e.     Mrs. Van is on board to co-chair the Fun Run – We need to confirm May 20 date.

III.         Principal’s Report – Mr. Zott

a.     Spencile sale going on for Valentiles day.

b.     Completed one testing window now getting ready for M-Step for grades 3-6.

c.     March is reading month “Burrow In and Read” is the them from the book “Wanted”.

IV.         Committee Reports – Ms. Hashorva

a.     All committees are full except for the raffle basket.

b.     Daddy Daughter Dance under control.

c.     6th grade graduation:

i.     Selling concessions at talent show.

ii.     May 20th is penciled in for Fun Run.

iii.     Beatification committee needs to meet.

iv.     Parking lot committee:

1.     Re-striping will be done this summer.

2.     Received a quote for 6 11 x 18 signs for the parking lot hopping that it will help people with the parking lot. – $100 allocation request for the 6 signs.

a.     Jamie Stengel motioned to approve $100 for 6 parking lot signs.

b.     Needs to be approved at the next meeting or an email sent out for second and voting of motion.

3.     Need more help with volunteers in the parking lot.

d.     Entertainment books:

i.     Closed out the 14/15 school year – 16 books not returned.

ii.     If we sign up by Feb 28th we can get $300 of balls for the school, we need balls for 2nd recess.

1.     It was generally discussed that teachers may be able to help with collecting books back and checking off when students return books.

iii.     MMA board agreed to sign up for Entertainment book sales for 15/16.


V.         New Business

a.     Financial Tips for Parent buster groups report – many schools attended

i.     Discussed board liability and bonding.

ii.     Mr. Zott is going to request that someone from the business office come speak to us about the liability insurance and bonding.

b.     Kumon partnership – Sahar Nafso, MMA parent.

i.     Kumon is focused on Math and Reading.

ii.     $110 first lesson/subject, $105 second lesson/subject.

iii.     Owner reached out to the district level and was told at the district she cannot offer the program but she can do it at the school level.

iv.     Offer – for Messmore: free registration, 50% off first month tuition, $20 donated back to MMA board.

v.     Kumon is a franchising tutoring company that has been around for 50 years worldwide.

vi.     Reached out to Messmore to see if we would like to do a fundraiser, any Messmore parents that send their family to Kumon for tutoring Messmore will receive a percentage.

vii.     Mrs. Nafso is going to forward Mr. Zott the email will check Tim McAvoy to make sure we can pass out the flyers.

c.     Science Olympiad

i.     Need funds for T-shirts and supplies.

1.     Ola suggested reaching out to Home Depot and Lowes to ask for donation.

2.     Ola asked that a total be put together of the current supply expenses and t-shirt costs so we can vote on approval.

3.     Last 9 years we have been #1 in Macomb County.

ii.     Current expenses $65 shirts estimated to be $12 with 18 kids, 16 students and 2 alternates.


VI.         Adjournment – 8:50pm